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Grateful Dead Live at Feyline Field on 1973-11-25

Set 1

Promised Land, Sugaree, Beat It On Down The Line, Don't Ease Me In, Black Throated Wind, Tennessee Jed, Mexicali Blues, China Cat Sunflower-> I Know You Rider, Big River, Row Jimmy, Me & My Uncle, Brown Eyed Women, Playin' In The Band

Set 2

Around & Around, Eyes Of The World-> WRS Prelude -> WRS Part One-> Let It Grow, Casey Jones, Sugar Magnolia-> Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad-> One More Saturday Night, E: We Bid You Goodnight

Collection GratefulDead
Band/Artist Grateful Dead
Date November 25, 1973
Venue Feyline Field
Location Tempe, AZ

Source SBD -> Master Reel -> Dat
Lineage Dat -> Samplitude Professional v11.1 -> FLAC
Transferred by Charlie Miller


-- All disc changes are seamless


Reviewer: gankmore - - March 1, 2014
Subject: The Kind
There's just so much to love about this show. Charlie's transfer is wonderful, much improving on the wonderful but flawed MSR > Cassette > DAT > CD Darrin Sacks transfer almost a decade earlier. Here we are at the Master Reel > DAT. This is one for the A+ gear.

The 007 that ends the identifier is apt, this is a handsome show with plenty of swagger.

I'm quite taken with the China > Rider, the Playing and the Eyes > Weather Report.

The Bid You Good Night leads me to believe the boys were pleased with how this one turned out. The pride is well placed. This is a great one.
Reviewer: kochman - - January 31, 2014
Subject: Dead cold in AZ playing hot music
Promised Land starts off with some SQ issues, otherwise seems fine.
Sugaree is a fine version.
Don’t Ease makes an early appearance.
BTW… I wish Bob’s voice would have had an internal governor sometimes. He gets overzealous early.
TN Jed is nice. The tempo is rather slow, but the playing is pretty precise so it works.
China>Rider, A+ version, building up to the “feeling good” jam, which I find kind of cheesy here (and in general, the more often I hear it), though that is well performed it took away some of the building momentum... which I know is the point because they felt like they needed to slow down for the beginning of rider, which they didn’t. Rider delivers as well.
Big River, all aboard after that great China>Rider! This keeps a train rhythm, and Jerry delivers.
Row Jimmy is too slow.
MAMU, another great one. Thank you Bob for pushing the energy back up!
BEW had me dancing in my seat, great rhythm/tempo for the great song, sung very well, and played with intensity.
PITB, the jam starts off slow and Jerry pushes it with a nice wah wah tone into a much quicker moving animal. It maintains a nice feel, and the highlight begins around 11 minutes in, psychedelia abounds. They dreamily get back to the theme for the reprise, nice PITB!

Around x2
A nice, up tempo Eyes of the world begins the meat sequence. I often find Phil’s work in this song to be superb, this is no exception. Jerry, of course, is the master of the guild, and his work here… it is almost as though he sets the tempo sometimes, which Billy really does. There is nothing that stands out particularly, the outro jam is the more exploratory, just solid work all around. What does stand out is the way WRS emerges out of Eyes. It was heading into the standard Stella out of Eyes so common at the time, but the guitar said otherwise. Phil joins in nicely, and Keith hits the organ with perfect tone.
Casey Jones
Sugar Magnolia>GDTRFB>OMSN
Three common closing songs take their typical role with the typical intensity.

Encore: AWBYGN, ok.

Performance Summary
I’d say this show shines more from TN Jed through Let It Grow.

Sound Quality
A, Initial balance issues sorted quickly, no discernible hiss. Sugaree has some digital issues.
Reviewer: gordon hensley - - January 6, 2014
Subject: killer show
agree -- first couple of tunes just a warm up, and then top notch throughout... nuanced, lovely playing all around with excellent energy. pristine sound quality.
Reviewer: njpg - - August 4, 2013
Subject: -
The first 3 songs are kind of a warm-up. Don't Ease, Black-Throat and T Jed all smoke. Rest of the show great but fairly routine, there were practically no bad shows from this period. Awesome treatment of the recording.
Reviewer: JKSparky - - April 29, 2013
Subject: C.Miller delivers again!
Thank You Mr.C.Miller for yet again, providing the best source for these gems. Love fall 73!---almost as much as I like Spring 73.....Or fall 72...Or.....!!!!
Reviewer: DeadEncore - - April 29, 2013
Subject: Another 73 Killer show
73, Please transport me back to this year. If there is a god, he hung out with the Dead this year. There simply was nothing going on better in the world this year.
This is a great sounding Miller Miracle redo of a great night for the dead. The band is beyond tight and yet at the same time ready to extend themselves into uncharted waters. As someone already wrote the China Cat is awesome with Jerry and Keith beyond creative and refreshing. Just a great example of why the dead can have listeners searching for new versions of songs they already own or love.
Won't go on any further than simply state, get as much 73 you can get your hands on. They had other great runs, but never so consistent and great. Thanks guys.
Reviewer: lp357 - - June 22, 2012
Subject: you are so right
there are alotta great years but 73 stands alone, never more out there, yet never more together, every live show i attended that year was monumental.............

alway wishede i could seen them during the anthem of the sun years
Reviewer: Kariaudar - - June 21, 2012
Subject: Incandescent!
In my opinion, this is one of those astoundingly-brilliant-from-start-to-finish concerts which only the Dead in their heyday could deliver. The Eyes of the World - Weather Report Suite medley in particular is musical orgasm!
I think 1973 was probably the finest year the Dead ever had. The musicianship in that year was exceptional, even for the Dead: simultaneously so tight and so trippy.
Reviewer: theweed - - March 11, 2012
Subject: Sweet sweet sweet
Takes a bit for this concert to hit the grove, but from China Cat on it rocks.
Reviewer: NYLifer - - November 25, 2011
Subject: Short but sweet
Very nice And We Bid You Goodnight with Donna Jean. Last one of four in 1973 after being revived / not having been played since 8/71. Would be played once more in 74, then NYE 76 and 78 and gone until revived again in 1989.
Peace, Bob
Reviewer: Stellablu122 - - September 26, 2011
Subject: A gem in the desert
This is a new source and is exceptional sounding. The show is shorter in comparison to the other heavy weights from this autumn in 1973 but it is very worry of a listen. The first set really takes off at BT Wind with outstanding versions of all the classics. The band is so tight and vocally strong, and the version of Row Jimmy for example, is excellent. The over the top moment occurs during the killer China> Rider. Jerry is in perfect command and this version is a force of nature.BE Women is also aa keeper. The set ends with a shorter version of Playing in the Band but it is extremely well played and has a great reprise.
Bob does make a comment about warming up so maybe the weather was a factor in the shorter show?

Set two starts off with a rousing Around but then you get a double dose of what made this fall tour so historic. The Eyes> WRS Suite> Let It Grow is why you want to listen to this show. The band is at the peak of their powers and delivers the goods big time.
They decide to end the show racing to the gate and do so with extra effort and dancehall effects hitting home runs with upbeat and cranking versions of mutiple set closers. They surprise the crowd with the second We Bid You Goodnite of the tour.
Reviewer: Estimatedjohn - - September 8, 2011
Subject: priceless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
a true gem thank you!
Reviewer: aldog47 - - May 5, 2011
Subject: Bravo! Mr. Miller
Brilliant sound from beginning to "See Ya Later" This one's smooth and kind!
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Grateful Dead
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Source: AUD: 3x Nakamichi CM300 w/CP4 shotguns > Nakamichi 550 > Maxell XLIIS, floor to the left of the soundboard, taped by Tim Friend & Joe Morrone.